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The Veterans Health Administration has found that remote monitoring leads to a 25% reduction in the number of bed days and a 20% reduction in hospital admissions ...

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VOX Telehealth Highlighted in Business Press

July 28, 2014

Local Business Press US1 Highlights VOX in Recent "Health & Fitness" Series

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VOX Telehealth Partners to Develop PalliativeCare Program

July 18, 2014

VOX in Strategic Collaboration for Development of Programs for Palliative Model of Care

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VOX Telehealth Gaining Recognition as Industry Leader

July 11, 2014

VOX Recently Recognized for Patient-Centered Program Model

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About Us

VOX Telehealth was founded upon the single mission of creating a unique, patient-centered solution for improved, long-term recovery of medical patients.  With vast experience across the spectrum of patient care, the VOX Telehealth team has been perfectly suited for the development and deployment of our OrthoCare Program and is already moving towards the development of two more critical procedural-specific programs that will dramatically improve the patient experience and outcomes while reducing the costs to healthcare providers and payers.