Capturing the Patient’s Voice: Patient Comments Fuel Innovation

More and more, the healthcare industry is recognizing the significant value of the patient’s voice. Regardless of the method—formal or informal, quantitative or qualitative—the patient’s perspective provides clinicians, caregivers and administrators real-time and real-world intelligence on what’s working and what can be improved. At VOX Telehealth, we believe the patient’s voice has the power to drive innovation within healthcare and greatly enhance the experience and outcomes within every episode.

Each patient that participates in a service-line specific, remote patient management program developed by VOX is asked for his or her views on our solution. VOX solutions are an extension of the provider’s team. They manage patients throughout their chronic or acute episode of care, empowering them to be active partners in their health and providing an outlet for communication with their clinicians. Patient feedback not only provides a constant window into the status of the patient throughout their journey, but also provides a “compass reading” of efficacy that helps us continually enhance the platform and advance patient care and connectivity.

The VOX OrthoCare Program is a perfect example. Not only do patients provide constant feedback during their episode of care that extends from 30 days pre-op to 90 days post-op, but at certain intervals and following their procedure, typically 30-days post-discharge, patients receive a survey with both qualitative and quantitative questions. Remarkably, as a result of their regular pattern of engagement, 79% of VOX patients provide a survey response, which is well above the industry average. Not only do we encourage the VOX team to read these de- identified surveys, but also we closely track this patient generated data, and adjust our programs accordingly to optimize the patient experience and improve health outcomes. In addition, we review in close detail the qualitative, open-ended responses to uncover the story behind the data.

At VOX Telehealth, our data indicates that patients place significant value on ongoing education and engagement, and that it is an essential to their preparation and recovery during an episode of care. In fact, 86% of patients suggest the program improved their episodic experience, and 88% indicate that it improves their outcomes.

While the quantitative data indicated clear satisfaction (96% patient satisfaction rate), the qualitative responses in particular shed light on the importance of the preparation, ease of use, and the impact that the program has on their entire care experience.

Prepared and Accountable

The survey results show that better preparation and coordinated connectivity not only activate patients and caregivers to be productive partners, but also significantly enhance their care experience. While the thought of surgery is frightening, as the comments show, VOX’s OrthoCare Program provides patients peace of mind. VOX’s education, tools, and connection to their providers helped decrease anxiety and ensure patients are ready for their procedure and supported throughout their recovery:

Patient Comments:

“Without the pre-operative education, I wouldn’t have had a clue.”

“I cannot imagine having another planned surgery and/or hospital stay without an OrthoCare Program as part of my education, preparation, and recovery. I have told everyone about how great this program is.”

“I knew what to do and what to expect. That helped to relieve anxiety.”

“As a result of the excellent preparation, I went into the hospital with no anxiety about the surgery, but only excitement and eagerness.”

“I had the left knee done 6-7 years ago.This one went better because of the exercises.The program helped me remember to do my exercises.It prepared me, and I knew what to do for the pain.”

“The thing I think was the most helpful was the demonstration of the exercises and explanation as to why they were important along with checking off every three days that the exercises were done. I liked the accountability as it kept me on track.”

“I really appreciated the exercise videos. I like the fact that VOX staff called to check on me. I give them an A+.”

Preparation, coupled with accountability, plays a critical role in ensuring a positive clinical outcome. Interestingly, as several comments indicate, patients seek accountability for themselves—an important note given that many providers are concerned that driving responsibility back to patients and holding them accountable could discourage the patient’s engagement and have a negative impact on their patient experience scores.

Clear and Convenient

In addition to the preparation and accountability provided by the OrthoCare Program, another notable takeaway was its ease of use. Many comments suggested the online program was straightforward and convenient, and this was true among all demographics and device modality. With any application or computer program, many assume that older populations will be less likely to utilize the tool. However, our surveys indicate a very different trend. The following are comments from patients, of whom nearly half are 66 years or older:

Patient Comments:

“It allows the patient to view the information at a convenient time by computer or smartphone and I would imagine it frees up some time for the medical staff. It also allows the patient to revisit information whenever needed.”

“User friendly. The exercise videos were well presented.”

“The videos were very easy to follow. The exercises were clearly depicted. The expectations were also clearly defined.”

“Because I live more than 100 miles from the physician and facility, online access was important.”

Improved Outcomes and Care Experience:

Ultimately, the comments suggest that the OrthoCare Program has a significant impact on patients’ outcomes and experience during their episode of care. With the education, guided exercises, and coordination, patients are more satisfied with their provider, their overall care experience, and the OrthoCare Program itself:

“If anyone follows this every day and does the routines as shown, they’re way ahead of the game on the road to recovery.”

“I am very satisfied & can’t imagine what my situation would be had I not had this program available.”

“All information was useful. The clot information may have saved my life.”

“I am a retired nurse with 21 years experience. The online patient teaching program is outstanding. I have shared my positive experience with this service with a number of colleagues since surgery.”

“It was good to know that during the long period between the initial doctors visit and the surgery date that they were still keeping track of me and interacting with me.”

“I wish that I had this type of program in a lot of procedures that I have undergone.”

“Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect, but this helped so much. Also, I didn’t need a cane much at all – I’ve been so impressed with my progress. I’ve been showing my knee to everyone.”

While quantitative data may be more easily reported and actionable, the qualitative data carries equal weight. The qualitative data provides the necessary context and “color” that is essential for continual improvement of patient management solutions. With patient comments, we get a glimpse of the “every patient / every day” impact of our solutions. Needless to say, we are very excited to have played such a big part in patient’s journeys to date, and even more excited for our role in the life of “tomorrow’s” patient.

About VOX Telehealth

VOX Telehealth was founded to improve patient outcomes by redefining the patient experience and recovery model. Through a state-of-the art platform, VOX delivers procedure-specific, full episode-of-care engagement solutions that provide education, coordination, and monitoring through industry leading content, proprietary SmartTasks™ and a customizable alert escalation and notification system. Engaging the patient throughout their pre-op phase, as well as through transition of care and recovery, patients are connected and accountable, leading to greater satisfaction, improved outcomes, and reduced cost of care. For more information about VOX Telehealth and its orthopedic platform, the OrthoCare Program, please contact

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