Redefining the Patient Experience

Today, more patients are opting for major joint replacement procedures—a trend that is projected to continue. Demand for total joint replacement procedures is anticipated to surge in the coming years, accounting for more than four million procedures by 2030, up from one million in 2011.

As the number of procedures increases, the need will also increase for greater utilization of technology to educate, coordinate, and engage patients throughout their entire episode of care.

By engaging the patient early in their episode of care, increasing accountability and better facilitating coordination, healthcare professionals have the ability to improve patient outcomes, enhance their experience, and greatly reduce the cost of care.

VOX episode of care

“What we think is so cool about VOX is that it gets the patient in a better medical state before they go into surgery, which produces a shorter hospitalization and quicker recovery.”

VOX OrthoCare in Action

In partnership with the Bon Secours Health System of Virginia, VOX has developed the OrthoCare Program to optimize the episode of care for patients undergoing major knee or hip replacement. Engaging the patient 30 days prior to procedure and managing their transition and recovery for 60-90 days post-discharge, the OrthoCare Program empowers the patient and caregivers to be an active partner in their episode of care resulting in greatly improved outcomes and patient experience. Program features include:

ActivePx™ Educational Format


SmartTask™ Patient Coordination

PxMail™ HIPAA Compliant Messaging


Alert Escalation & Notification System


Progress & Recovery Observations and Reporting

OrthoCare tablet

Patient outcomes collection has now become a requirement for participation in many regulatory and payer based incentives.

The VOX OrthoCare program is able to collect both pre and post operative patient reported outcomes (PROMs) directly from the web-based program. The program will also send alert reminders for patient to complete these outcome surveys so facilities can be compliant with regulatory requirements.

When patient surveying is made a part of the VOX program, completion rates can exceed 77%.

This takes the burden off the hospital or surgeon office for distributing and colleting these questionnaires at the office, on the phone or via mail.

Compliant with AJRR collection measures

AJRR American Joint Replacement Registry

VOX has also been selected to be an authorized vendor with the American Joint Replacement Registry. As a result, VOX can submit patient outcome data on your behalf, granting you access to the many benefits of registering with AJRR.

Consistent with AJRR requirements VOX is able to distribute and collect all of the standard measurement instruments including: HOOS/KOOS JR, VR-12, PROMIS-10 and others.

Patient Outcomes

Direct-To-Home Discharge

direct-to-home-iconWere you discharged from the hospital to another facility such as a skilled nursing facility, or straight home?

  • Straight Home 93%
  • Rehab Facility 7%

Readmission Rate

direct-to-home-iconDid you have to be readmitted back into the hospital for any reason within 30 days of your surgery?

  • No Readmission 98%
  • Readmitted 2%

Length of Hospital Stay

direct-to-home-iconHow many days did you spend in the hospital?

1.57 Days Avg.

  • 1 Day 52%
  • 2 Days 41%
  • 3-4 Days 6%

Overall Care Satisfaction

direct-to-home-iconHow satisfied are you with your overall care that you have received during your surgical episode?

  • Very Satisfied 76%
  • Satisfied 18%
  • Dissatisfied 4%
  • Very Dissatisfied 2%

Response Rate

direct-to-home-iconPatients who engaged with the program, had very high Rates of Response during their 30 days post-discharge

  • OrthoCare Survey Response Rate 77%
  • Typical Response Rate 20%


direct-to-home-iconA goal of the OrthoCare Program is to improve the overall care experience of the patient. Did it impact your level of satisfaction with the care experience?

  • Significantly Improved 41%
  • Improved 45%
  • No Impact 14%

Ease of Use

direct-to-home-iconWe have attempted to build the OrthoCare program in a way that is easy to understand and use. How satisfied were you with its ease of use?

  • Very Satisfied 54%
  • Satisfied 34%
  • Neutral 12%

Managed Expectations

direct-to-home-iconHow satisfied are you with the way the pre-operative education and preparation you received was able to manage your expectations?

  • Very Satisfied 58%
  • Satisfied 31%
  • Neutral 11%

Ready to Experience VOX OrthoCare

Let us show you how you can improve patient outcomes, enhance their experience, and greatly reduce the cost of care.


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